The MacKenzie Report: September 2017 City Update

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Dave's Platform Priorities


Keep taxes as low as possible through good planning, automation, and tight budget controls.


We have been most successful when we have actively sought the views and ideas of residents on plans, projects and City visioning. This will be continued and enhanced.


The RCMP have out grown their facility and are busting at the seams. We need to expand the Protective Services building to provide for their needs and support them. We will be hiring a Crime Analyst in partnership with Leduc County. Also, we should develop a "Safe Community" plan for the City.


Conduct a review of our Permit and Development approval processes with a goal of achieving a 90% satisfaction rate with City service. Review our Economic Development budget and structure to ensure they provide good value for tax payers.


Provide web recording of Council Meetings to enable more resident engagement in municipal decisions and processes.


Look at Incorporating an Arts Centre as part of our facility needs assessment. Look at initiating a music and culture festival for our City.



Please look for more of my ideas on on my brochure and on this website



      Council was presented with the Citizen Budget Survey and I have attached parts of it on the link to the right for your reference. While it reflects a widespread approval for the way Council is spending your tax dollars, there is, understandably, a small but growing attitude that service levels and taxes need to be more contained and kept within affordable levels.  This feedback is valuable and important and I take it to heart.

Leduc Pools Update

      The Alexandra outdoor pool is open and the indoor pool is closed for renovations until the Fall. (mid-September).

Leduc - We're growing!

      Growth in the City is continuing and permits and business license issuance is steady. With the new Mall and other development at the Airport, the future remains very promising for our Region.
       Also, Leduc's population has now surpassed 31,000 based on the 2017 census!

       "Please call me if there are any issues in the City that are of concern to you and let's hope for lots of great weather!"      

Dave  |  780 660 5796


Candidacy Announcement; May 12, 2017

I am excited to formally announce my intention to run for the office of Mayor of Leduc!

Having had the privilege of serving on Council for ten years, I am excited to expand, as your Mayor, both this work and vision to make our City the best it can be. I will be listening and sharing ideas and plans with you in more detail in the near future.

I look forward to meeting with you, as we set our sights towards October and on the following four years!

Dave MacKenzie



Economic and Political Beliefs

History demonstrates that a free market provides the best and most efficient system to build wealth and preserve freedom.  Government services are necessary but the cost of providing them needs to be minimized.  Generally, the government should not replace or compete with the market economy.

Civic governments are unique in the sense that there is a clear and direct link between services provided and the resident tax payers. Civic governments can provide important leadership, support and resources to many local initiatives. A city is the most flexible and dynamic form of government, being large enough to make important changes to infrastructure, services and quality of life. Strong civic government is a key component of a good quality of life for residents as well as being a key catalyst in attracting business  to the community. Taxes need to be minimized to allow home affordability, business success and sustainability. Excessive taxes, caused by excessive government spending, is the cause of much of the world's problems.



Initiatives & Commitment to Recreation in Leduc


"Resident participation is part of what defines healthy municipal development."

D. MacKenzie


2017 Citizen Budget Survey

citizen survey button

David MacKenzie

Leduc Mayoralty Candidate


"Dave has a genuine heart for Leduc and wants to see it continue to flourish. He is also a true professional and is the right choice to lead our City"

- Jason Rustand

"I have witnessed Dave's energy, dedication and love for Leduc for
many years. Can't wait to call him Mayor!"

- Linda Raymond

"The City of Leduc would be blessed to have a dynamic, caring and visionary man like Dave at the helm!!"

 -  Dominique Vrolyk

“Dave is a person of principle"
“Dave is a person of principle and care. With his leadership, Leduc will continue to grow and flourish as a vibrant City. Vote Dave MacKenzie for Mayor.”

~ Tammy Bradley (Co-Foundr; Karma Concerts)
"Dave would be an outstanding choice for Mayor"
“I have known Dave MacKenzie for many years and have seen the energy and enthusiasm he puts into making Leduc a better place to live. With his experience on City Council and his vision for Leduc, I think Dave would be an outstanding choice for Mayor of Leduc.”

~ Marc Thibodeau (Leduc Insurance)
"He was always the first to volunteer at any event..."
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave for years and during that entire time I have seen firsthand how much he loves the Community of Leduc. He was always the first to volunteer at any event and come up with some incredible fundraiser ideas to help out varies non-profit groups within our community. To see how passionate Dave is regarding this city and its future is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see what he does next!”

~ Kimberly Demchuk (Leduc Resident)
"Voting for Dave means dedication, commitment and positive changes.“
“I have known Dave for 25 years. He is very knowledgeable and a true professional. Dave has always been involved with the community making it better for downtown area and the City of Leduc. From a store owner’s view, Dave has worked hard with the downtown businesses to make it community-minded. Thanks for the great work, Dave! Voting for Dave means dedication, commitment and positive changes.“

~ Randy Szott
"He will make a great Mayor!"
"Dave has a great love for the City of Leduc and will guide our city with kindness and grace! He will make a great Mayor!"

~ Deanna Pottie-Hartling (Leduc Resident)
"high degree of community awareness"
“Dave McKenzie’s leadership skills and community involvement indicate a high degree of community awareness. Business dealings with Dave have been thoughtful and productive. He is a powerfully passionate, persistent and hard-working individual with high professional standards who won’t be deterred by contrary views – but rather he seeks them out – characteristics that make Dave a great choice for mayor”

~ Emma Pietroleonardo (Royal Hotel Group)
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