September 2016

It's been a great summer and, like everyone, I'm in mourning that it has come to an end. Having said that, we hosted the fantastic 2016 Alberta Summer Games in July and what a success that was! I wrote a poem about the Summer Games and include it below for your reading pleasure!

There are lots of things happening in the City as we look forward to Fall. We are currently engaged in a Regional Fire Services Master Plan that will see the integration of the City of Leduc and Leduc County's Fire services. This plan is an example of the increasing cooperation and joint efforts between the County and the City. The goal is to provide better and more cost-effective services to the Region.

We will see the completion of the downtown revitalization in October. This construction has been challenging for downtown businesses and we appreciate their forbearance. The hope is that this work will not only beautify downtown but also increase business for the retailers located there.

As always I am available to receive and act on your comments and concerns so I hope to see you and hear from you soon.

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Summer Games
David MacKenzie

The summer games, an awesome scene
On Lede Park, our field of dreams
The sparkling lake, the grass deep green
Like magic, and the best yet seen.

Provincial zones of rainbowed colours
Competing hard against another
Yet all as one, no mind the weather
At LRC, all came together

Touch downs, goals, home runs and tries
Spikes and strokes and graceful strides
Athletes showed what's made inside
With hearts of parents bursting wide

The coloured shirts of volunteers
And their wide smiles were everywhere
They showed again how much they care
And medals, gold, they all should wear.

Directors, staff and partners' power
We thank them and with praises shower
For endless days and countless hours
Supporting youth they've now empowered

Sculpted forms with flowers arrayed
And trumpet sounds on opening day
And at Games Square more songs were played
Both sports and culture shared the stage

Nowhere else has it been done
Not like the Summer Games we've run
As close to heaven that we could come
So we can smile - we have all won.



Economic and Political Beliefs

History demonstrates that a free market provides the best and most efficient system to build wealth and preserve freedom.  Government services are necessary but the cost of providing them needs to be minimized.  Generally, the government should not replace or compete with the market economy.

Civic governments are unique in the sense that there is a clear and direct link between services provided and the resident tax payers. Civic governments can provide important leadership, support and resources to many local initiatives. A city is the most flexible and dynamic form of government, being large enough to make important changes to infrastructure, services and quality of life. Strong civic government is a key component of a good quality of life for residents as well as being a key catalyst in attracting business  to the community. Taxes need to be minimized to allow home affordability, business success and sustainability. Excessive taxes, caused by excessive government spending, is the cause of much of the world's problems.



Initiatives & Commitment to Recreation in Leduc


If we build a better City, the world will beat a path to our door.

D. MacKenzie


2013 Community Satisfaction Report

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'In a world-class City, there are no second-class citizens' 
                      Dave MacKenzie 

I find that Dave is very active in the community and quick to respond to my questions when none of the other Councillors would. You have my respect.

~ Mike K. (Leduc, Alberta)
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