Health and Recreation in Leduc

 A history of passion, commitment and sound judgment

Spring/Summer 2013 -worked with Seniors at Telford House on idea to develop pickleball courts 

Fall 2012  -  voted for funding of Spraypark to be built in 2014. Strongly advocated to
ensure the Spray Park was recirculating.

2012   -  supported Splash moms to see a Spraypark developed in Leduc.

Fall 2009-2017 - City representative on the Parks, Recreation and Culture Board

Fall 2008-2010 - Co-worker with the City Council and Administration to plan, build, open
and operate the LRC, ahead of schedule and under budget. Member of City's mediation team,
successfully securing County funding for LRC

Fall 2009  - Strong advocate for improved tennis facilities in Leduc and gained budget
approval for upgrades to courts

Fall 2009  - Advocated for irrigation of Lede Park sports fields to provide safe and
competitive facilities for all users in the City

Fall 2009  - Healthy Hearts initiative-access to LRC for low income families

Fall 2007-2009 - Voted for continual expansion/improvement to City's mulitpath system

Summer 2006  - Spear-headed several media campaigns to build support for a Regional Recreational Centre

Summer 2005  - As a private citizen, actively promoted the concept of a Regional
 Recreation Centre, making presentations to the Councils of the City of Leduc ,
Leduc County, Beaumont and Calmar.

Winter 2004 - Vocal critic of poor City planning and major cost-overruns on first Black
Gold expansion.

Spring 2003 - Spear-headed a petition against the ill-conceived outdoor, artificial-ice
surface proposed at the Black Gold Center parking lot. The defeat of this plan
resulted in a savings of significant tax dollars and, had this proceeded,
many aspects of the LRC, such as parking, LRC access and the number of
rinks built, would have been compromised.

Spring 2000 - Undertook a petition requesting upgrade to unsafe and inadequate
outdoor rink. As Alderman, in 2009, voted for the outdoor rink to be upgraded.

“Dave is a person of principle"
“Dave is a person of principle and care. With his leadership, Leduc will continue to grow and flourish as a vibrant City. Vote Dave MacKenzie for Mayor.”

~ Tammy Bradley (Co-Foundr; Karma Concerts)
"Dave would be an outstanding choice for Mayor"
“I have known Dave MacKenzie for many years and have seen the energy and enthusiasm he puts into making Leduc a better place to live. With his experience on City Council and his vision for Leduc, I think Dave would be an outstanding choice for Mayor of Leduc.”

~ Marc Thibodeau (Leduc Insurance)
"He was always the first to volunteer at any event..."
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave for years and during that entire time I have seen firsthand how much he loves the Community of Leduc. He was always the first to volunteer at any event and come up with some incredible fundraiser ideas to help out varies non-profit groups within our community. To see how passionate Dave is regarding this city and its future is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see what he does next!”

~ Kimberly Demchuk (Leduc Resident)
"Voting for Dave means dedication, commitment and positive changes.“
“I have known Dave for 25 years. He is very knowledgeable and a true professional. Dave has always been involved with the community making it better for downtown area and the City of Leduc. From a store owner’s view, Dave has worked hard with the downtown businesses to make it community-minded. Thanks for the great work, Dave! Voting for Dave means dedication, commitment and positive changes.“

~ Randy Szott
"He will make a great Mayor!"
"Dave has a great love for the City of Leduc and will guide our city with kindness and grace! He will make a great Mayor!"

~ Deanna Pottie-Hartling (Leduc Resident)
"high degree of community awareness"
“Dave McKenzie’s leadership skills and community involvement indicate a high degree of community awareness. Business dealings with Dave have been thoughtful and productive. He is a powerfully passionate, persistent and hard-working individual with high professional standards who won’t be deterred by contrary views – but rather he seeks them out – characteristics that make Dave a great choice for mayor”

~ Emma Pietroleonardo (Royal Hotel Group)
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