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Leduc Mayor candidate Dave MacKenzie in WindroseA Personal Message to Windrose Residents
            Dave MacKenzie, Leduc City Councillor

   As a Windrose resident, you may be highly aware, or perhaps less aware, of the recent Council decision to defer construction of the Windrose Multipath.
I wanted to share with you my personal perspectives (not necessarily or intending to represent Council) and to share my thoughts regarding the goal of ensuring a positive future for the Multipath, to which I am totally committed.
   There has been much discussion and many arguments on this matter from opposing perspectives. Please see below a summary of my views on key issues:

1.Multipath is needed:      Absolutely. 

       That is why, in November 2016, I originally pushed for the project to be moved forward to this year and why, in   
       May 2017, I added an addendum to the motion to ensure that the project remains funded, so we can move              
       forward with the Multipath as soon as a route is re-ratified. Concerning the construction of a multipath, I  
       have heard comments in the past to the effect that residents can just use the sidewalks. Such comments never
       have been, and never will be acceptable to me.  I am 100% committed to a Windrose multipath.

2. Public engagement in this process:            Gaps evident.

        The tight time lines to complete the work this year have, inadvertently, not allowed us the time to engage   
        residents in the thorough and positive manner, which is our norm. This has resulted in misunderstandings and
       a climate not conducive to community-building. As much as building multipaths are part of our Corporate
       strategy and goals, so too is ensuring healthy public engagement in city processes and decisions.

3. All Multipath route options have already been thoroughly explored :       Partially true

      The November good-faith decision to proceed with the Multipath was based on this belief. Very recently,
      however, there appears to be a renewed willingness and opportunity to explore alternative route(s) that might be better
      for all residents.

4.  Enough is enough, let’s get on with it. That’s where it was planned for:       Partially true

      My position on the Windrose multipath for months has been that the City had every right to move forward and       
      citizens are right to expect a multipath. Delays come at a cost. On a personal level, I have been torn up by this
      issue but with a renewed opportunity to explore other route options, I have softened my stand. If we can ensure
      that the very best solution is found through a full public consultation process and by double-checking on all
      route options, the negative impacts of a delay will probably be worth it. As mentioned above, at our recent
      Council meeting, I ensured Council retained the budget and re-affirmed our commitment to building
      the multipath in conjunction with a more solid process.

      Going forward, my personal intent (and not representing current or future Councils) would be to start the route
      discussion/investigation as soon as possible. The goal of all residents in Windrose and Council will be the same;
      that is, to build the best multipath possible, as soon as possible, and to do it in a constructive and positive manner
      with strong communication and actively-engagedresidents.

      The current delay is frustrating and discouraging to so many. But the renewed process, without a doubt, will
      ensure that all possible improvements to the original plan are found and incorporated into the new plan. In
      addition, the process will ensure that there is much higher degree of consensus amongst all Windrose residents as to
      the best plan and there will be a good understanding of how it was determined, even if the final route still
      negatively affects some residents.

      Championing this process will be one of my top priorities. So please take encouragement in the fact that we   
      have the funds, we have the will, we just need to get on with it. We will do it right and do it together. As we move
      forward, let’s remember that we’re not just building multipaths, we’re also building communities.  Thank you.     
                                                                                                                                            Dave MacKenzie                                              


"I find that Dave is very active in the community and quick to respond to my questions when none of the other Councillors would. You have my respect."

~ Mike K. (Leduc, Alberta)
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