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Goals for the Future

  1. Completion of Multipath boardwalk around Telford Lake.

  2. Creation of an effective marketing program for Leduc highlighting the Multipath system.

  3. Target continued improvement in tax rates relative to other municipalities.

  4. Keep taxes to a minimum through service delivery efficiencies, regional partnerships and frugal governance.

  5. Work to get Leduc recognized as the most business-friendly municipality in the Capital Region.

  6. Commence construction of 65th Avenue overpass as soon as possible.

  7. Encourage safety as the key driver for traffic management and automated traffic enforcement.

  8. Use the Facility Needs Assessment as a guide to prioritizing our capital investment program.

  9. Improve how Leduc Arts and Culture is promoted and supported by the City.

  10. Provide greater governance transparency through web-based recordings of Leduc council meetings.    










"I find that Dave is very active in the community and quick to respond to my questions when none of the other Councillors would. You have my respect."

~ Mike K. (Leduc, Alberta)
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