Dave MacKenzie's Policy Statements

Civic Government - The Original Team Sport!

1. Open Government

Web-based Recording of Council Meetings

I believe it is time  Leduc made all Council meetings available on Web Television. Citizens need easy access to find out what is happening at council without having to commit an entire night to attend in person. This access would enhance public engagement and council accountability.

Council Meetings at High Schools

I had suggested to Council that, once per year, we should hold council meetings during the day at the High Schools to engage students in council processes and civic issues. In the past year, in lieu of holding a Council meeting, instead we hosted question and answer sessions with students at the High School and at Christ the King School, which were valuable to Council members and to the students.

2. LRC marketing

The success of the Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) depends on members receiving a high level of value for the fees that they pay. I made the motion at Council that we look at ways to cross-promote the LRC with other organizaitons and groups that we sponsor.  Recently, we announced an arrangement where LRC members will receive a 10% discount at the Leduc Golf course. I would like to see this program expanded with the goal to make LRC membership cards like a city-wide benefit card.

3. City Marketing

I believe the City should develop a marketing plan that highlights our Multipath System. We have over 70 km of trails and more being developed each year. Mulitpaths are highly appreciated by residents and are a very attractive feature of our City. Our marketing material could have pictures of the multiways being used by residents all around Leduc, with captions along this theme. For example, "Multiways are a pathway to a great life" or "Leduc is your pathway to Nature, your pathway to family fun, your pathway to fitness, your pathway to recreation," etc. 

When we undertake a City marketing plan, we should involve the public and local business.  We could have a contest to get the best photographs of people enjoying the multipaths. Winning or finalist photographs could be chosen by the voting public online.  Local graphic artists and printers could also hopefully be utilized to devleop our marketing material. The more made-in-Leduc the marketing plan is, the better! 

4. Telford Lake Development

I am very supportive of the development of the Telford Lake Master Plan. This plan is an important long-term goal for the city as it will enhance the quality of life for residents and increase tourism opportunities, as well.as completion of the multipath around Telford Lake and the iLeduc Lions Park project on the north side of the lake.

5. Supporting Local business

We should maximize our support for our outstanding, local business community by ensuring our development and permit processes are as barrier-free as possible to ensure Leduc is recognized as  the best city in the region in which to invest and do business in. We have work to do in this area and this will be a key focus in the new Council term. We also need to keep tax increases as low as possible as cost structures for business are continually rising, making it harder for businesses to succeed.

6. Commitment to the Arts

I have been very active in the Arts Community and believe that we should be looking at incorporating an Arts, Youth and Community Hall/centre as part of our next facility projects.  We have a reputation of sports tourism, but wouldn't it be great to have a reputation for Arts and Cutlure as well!? I am in favour of encouraging more Arts and Culture representation on our Parks , Recreation and Culture Board and would also like to see Leduc develop a Music/Cultural Festival for our city.

7. Regional Governance

In the next four years we must continue efforts to evaluate Regional Governance models. As we move forward into the future, we should be aligning our processes and systems with Leduc County to ensure costs are minimized and, in the future, any transistion we make will be done as seamlessly as possible.  

8. Other Ideas


"I find that Dave is very active in the community and quick to respond to my questions when none of the other Councillors would. You have my respect."

~ Mike K. (Leduc, Alberta)
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